10 Reason Why You Should Buy Land from a Real Estate Company -

10 Reason Why You Should Buy Land from a Real Estate Company

10 Reason Why You Should Buy Land from a Real Estate Company
10 Reason Why You Should Buy Land from a Real Estate Company

Today I share with you why it’s good to buy land from a real estate company.

It’s very important you read this to learn from mistakes most people make when dealing with Omo onile (Land Grabbers).

A friend visited me in my office recently and share his experience in the hands of land grabbers issues in Ikorodu area.

He bought a half plot of land in Ikorodu 2 years ago and built a 3 bedroom bungalow on it.

He said his experience in the hand of land grabbers in Ikorodu had been a problem to him. How they destroyed people houses and requesting for more money from people who had bought from a different family seller.

He said since he has moved into his new home, it is a problem upon problems concerning land grabbers and he has been so skeptical of ever buying land again in is life.

He wonders when all these land grabbers issues will stop totally and he could enjoy the peace he has ever crave for not paying house rent.

Because of land grabber that doesn’t stop you from investing or buying land in your desired location.

Investing in real estate is not an easy task but that is why you have real estate companies which provide you better secure investment plan for you.

Top 10 Reasons Why Buying Land From A Real Estate Company Might Be Your Best Option.

With the number of land scams that happen in Nigeria, most first time investors or landowners are always confused when it comes to who they should buy land from or trust; Is it the ‘omo-oniles’ or real estate companies?

There are few advantages of buying land from ‘omo-oniles’ but dealing with an omo-onile requires some special form of expertise or involvement of land experts so that you don’t get swindled.

Here are some advantages of buying land from a real estate company:

1. You Are Sure Of The Source.

When you purchase land from a real estate company, you know who you are buying from. In the event of a land dispute which hardly ever happens, you know who to contact.

Also, if any problem arises, you also know who to hold responsible as most companies are registered.

2. You are Free from Omo-onile issues

When you buy land from a real estate company, you are free from the dreaded omo-oniles.

You have no business with them and you cannot get into their trouble.

You will be dealing with professional real estate consultants who know how to deal with the land grabbers and must have settled all fees.

Fees like money for roofing, money for drill borehole, money for the foundation, money for irregular things.

3. No unnecessary fees

When you buy land from a land grabbers, they don’t tell you about any additional fees until you pay for the land. Then you start hearing of additional fees like signing fees, foundation fees, roofing fees, etc.

In most cases, you will keep paying some unnecessary fees until you get fed up.

With real estate companies, there are extra compulsory fees that all investors pay; after paying these fees, that’s all.

4. All documentations are done for you

When you buy from land grabber you will be the one to do all documentation but with Real estate companies, you don’t have to contact a lawyer to prepare the necessary document for the land transaction.

The company does the documentation in your favor. The only document you should get yourself, however, is a governor’s consent (link).

5. The environment or Neighbourhood will be planned.

This is one of the issues my friend is facing from land grabbers. His environment is not well planned and so the houses are being demolished and destroyed because of improper planning.

The real estate companies will show you their estate layout plans, key infrastructures the type of buildings they allow within their estates. So the area or place you are going to live has been pre-planned for you.

6. No agency fees

When you buy land from real estate companies, you don’t have to negotiate with agents or pay any agency fees.

If you were buying an omo-onile land, you may have to pay an extra percentage of the purchase price of the land as agent fees.

7. Your land cannot be stolen

When you buy land from omo-onile and you thought you had done everything right, buying from the right family and pay all the necessary fees, you still have to put some measures in place such as fencing your land, to prevent the same land grabber from stealing your land.

You will be so surprised when you see them in front of your house using tape rule to measure.

This is one of the issues my friend is facing buying from land grabbers.

8. You can pay in installments

Real estate companies offer flexible installment payment plans to people who cannot afford to buy outright land.

This could be helpful, provided you are dealing with a good company.

Don’t try installment payment with land grabbers!. You do that… it is at your own risk which you may never recover from when an issue arises.


They will keep increasing the cost of the land whenever you are close to completing the payment for the land and when you ask for a refund of your money, they will tell you to wait till they sell other lands; which may never happen. Your land cannot be resold

Your land cannot be resold

You know what, when my friend was gisting me about one of the issues he faced with land grabbers is reselling the same land he had paid for. He said he paid double again for the same land he built his house.

When you buy from real estate companies, you can rest assured that your land can never be resold even if you pay in installments.

You can’t be assured of this if you buy from land grabbers.

You worry less about survey and documentation.

The company handles the survey and development such as drainage, roads, light and all that.

You are however required to pay some fees for survey and development which is usually lower than what you’d pay if you did all that yourself.

In conclusion, There are also real estate companies that are actually fraudulent and act as land grabbers too. All they want is sell and after selling their lands they don’t care about the future of clients.

It is important you do research about a company, its management, and customers history before making decisions.

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