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3 Easy Steps to Confirm if a land is Genuine

Easy Steps to Confirm if A land is Genuine

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About. The 3 EASY STEPS TO CONFIRM IF A LAND IS GENUINE OR SCAM

I have always stressed the idea of confirming and doing due diligence before you buy land from any source. so, if by any chance had bought land from land grabbers and you aren’t sure how genuine the land is read this.

To determine whether the land is genuine or not genuine, simply follow these three steps.

But before that, don’t buy land where the seller will only issue you a receipt of purchase. I have seen cases like this before. Always ask questions about the documents you will be given.

3 Easy Steps to Confirm if A land is Genuine or not Genuine.

Do a Survey

Obtain a copy of Your Survey Plan. If you don’t really have a Survey Plan, kindly create one at this time.

After you have obtained the Survey plan, you should give it to your trusted property Lawyer who specializes in land matters.

You can also tell an accredited Surveyor who wasn’t the Surveyor who did the first survey to register a copy of this survey plan with the surveyor general’s office to confirm the Land Record CERTIFICATE of the land

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Verify or Confirm the Survey

Once the Lawyer or surveyor takes it to the Surveyor General’s office for confirmation, he must pay the required fees to obtain the Land Record and return it with the state Tax Receipt.

The Land Information Certificate can sometimes take 3 to 4 weeks to be processed at the Surveyor General’s Office.  This land information shouldn’t take that long. Some surveyors could give you the information within one day.  

Land is Genuine

After this, if the land is good, it will be stated that it has been zoned for either Residential or Mixed Development land, which means you are safe and the land is genuine.

However, if the land you buy falls under government acquisition that cannot be ratified or a committed land, it is advised that you do not go further developing the land because you have just purchased a government land and there is very little chance of claiming that land. 

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How do I know if my land document is original?

How have seen people ask these questions many times? This post here highlights how to know if the land document is original.

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