A Comprehensive Guide Choosing Dubai Hills Schools.

A Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Hills Schools: Choosing the Best Education for Your Child

As one of one the most developed, and spectacular communities, Dubai Hills Estate has always been in the limelight! This uniquely designed community is positioned around the magnificent, one-of-a-kind 18-hole championship golf course.

If you’re planning to relocate with your family to Dubai Hills Estate, where the green living environment, spacious residences, and luxurious touches make for a perfect home. With properties from Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty, you can ensure your family’s future is secure while providing them with access to the best Dubai Hills schools for an exceptional learning environment.

The community comprises low-rise apartments, villas, and breathtaking townhouses for sale in Dubai.

Being a relatively new development in the city, it has planned infrastructure and connectivity to major schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other amenities.

Schooling in Dubai | What’s it Like?

Education has to be one of the most compulsory elements in Dubai, starting from the age of five to fifteen! The education system of the city includes both public, as well as private schools, from British, American, and Indian to other communities. Now, Dubai is home to multiple international schools, and has the highest standards set, to give quality learning to all.

If you are planning to relocate to Dubai with your family and kids, you may be wondering about education. Well, Dubai is a multicultural hub, a place of innovation, where everything is extravagant and classy. For schooling, you don’t have to worry, as there are multiple options to pick from.

Best Schools for Your Child Near Dubai Hills Estate

When you have kids, and you plan to relocate, the first thing that you think of is quality education. There is no room to compromise when it comes to your children’s education. Dubai has some of the best schools, rated excellent, in terms of education, extracurriculars, and other elements.

If you are planning to live in Dubai Hills, but worried about your kid’s education, this community keeps you close to multiple schools in the city. Living in Dubai, you can relax knowing that education is valued the most. We have a list of the best Dubai Hills schools that value child growth more than you think.

1.   GEMS World Academy

Area: Al Barsha South

Age group: Nursery to 12th Grade

KHDA rating: Very Good

Within the GEMS GROUP, GEMS World Academy proves to be a premier addition, becoming the first to offer an International Baccalaureate program. It has also been titled with World School Status, for its truly interactive learning environment, great facilities, and diverse curriculums. The education philosophy of GEMS is based on the IB learner profile and has facilities, from gardens, theatre, and library, to 3D printing rooms and more.

Just a 13-minute drive from Dubai Hills, this school in Dubai promotes a multicultural environment with students from 92 nationalities. They work on the principle of giving education for a better world, and it is shown in their world-class professionalism and teachings. It focuses on becoming number one in the global academy, where students shape themselves as independent learners, to lead a fulfilling life. Your kids will grow with a positive, and creative mindset, as this school is setting the bar in shaping the well-being of students.

2.   Dubai Heights Academy

Area: Al Barsha South

Age: From 1st  to 10th Grade

KHDA rating: Very Good

British Curriculum

It promotes high academic standards, with a secure and healthy learning environment, especially for young learners. They have high-class teachers who are disciplined, and maintain high standards of professionalism! The school in Dubai follows the English National Curriculum and balances other activities including music, drama, and sports. Being just 10 minutes away from Dubai Hills, parents can enrol their kids to help them reach their potential, and nurture their emotional, and intellectual growth.

The teachings and learning requirement meets with the KHDA, setting the bar of international standards. The state-of-the-art infrastructure is amazing, providing excellent facilities including a pool, computer labs, specialist art room, music and library as well. The school emphasises strongly on giving back to society and encouraging children to do that to the community by making a positive impact. The school also provides pick-and-drop facilities for your kids.

3.   Safa Community School

Area: Al Barsha South

Age group: FS1 to Year 13

KHDA rating: Outstanding

British Education Curriculum

At Safa Community School their emphasis is on providing quality education to kids by maximising the potential of learning. They focus on every child individually to grow their creative, imaginative, and cognitive mindset. They follow the British curriculum and offer A Levels, International A Levels, and BTEC qualifications. With cutting-edge technology and high-end facilities, it reflects its professionalism and modern approach to learning.  Students’ well-being is their key priority, therefore they have an infrastructure that blends well with the needs of each one of them.

They are also prioritising kids of determination, with a well-determined and planned education system precisely for them. Safa Community School adopts flexible subject learning including additions like Food technology, IT, media, psychology, and even Economics. Dubai Heights Academy also aims to achieve heights by excelling in Arabic language, Moral Education, as well as Islamic Studies, and Social Studies.

4.   Clarion School

Area: Al Quoz 1

Age Group: Pre-K to Grade 12

KHDA Rating: Acceptable

American Education Curriculum

If you want your kids to learn from American Curriculum school, Clarion has to be on your list. It is a progressive school that helps unlock the potential of every student with their distinctive learning techniques. They have a rich and meaningful learning session, giving opportunities, and encouraging students to go beyond set boundaries. This indeed is one of the best Dubai Hills schools that is recognized for its outstanding results and positive approach. For applying for admission, parents can enrol their kids through the designated online website with a step-by-step guide. It is just a 13-minute drive from Dubai Hills, with a dedicated bus system for pick and drop.

The teachers they enrol in their school hold Master’s in Education from top US universities only. The unique and progressive environment is what makes the foundation of education stronger. The education system here collaborates with parents and external partners with a promise to deliver quality standards that bring value. Along with classroom learning, it also encourages extracurricular activities involving sports, innovation, creativity learning, and more. Here, your child is supported and given full attention, to become a happy, independent learner.

5.   King’s School Al Barsha

Area: Al Barsha 3

Age Group: PreKindergarten to Grade 10th

KHDA Rating Good

If you want your kids to become masters in what they are passionate about, King’s School creates such an encouraging atmosphere for them. The teachers and entire staff focus on developing cognitive ability, motivating students from a younger age to excel in their desired field. They are preparing students for a better tomorrow, enabling excellence, and an approach that they deliver the best to every child! The school works on the principle of keeping the needs and demands of the students on priority, understanding what they want, and giving their best. The teachers keep on training themselves, to meet the international standards of education and deliver the right support.

Parents have huge trust in the education system here due to its academic excellence, and solid track record. The class environment is very interactive, giving opportunities for students to build confidence, a go-to attitude, and learning capacity as well. They offer both academic and nonacademic setups in their school infrastructure to promote a healthy environment that feels like home.

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Choosing the Right Schooling for Your Child

Choosing the right school is very important, especially for your child who is new to the city, and wants to adjust well. From quality education to a healthy environment, where they bloom, grow, and shape themselves as strong individuals. These schools have the potential to bring your kids into a nurturing environment.

Now that you know about Dubai Hills schools, you can think of relocating to this extremely peaceful community. This family-friendly development will bring out the best in you, and your dear ones, with its excellent infrastructure, connectivity, and amenities.

Dubai Hills Estate offers residents an excellent choice to live peacefully, and not to worry about their kid’s education and wellbeing. Being connected to some of the best schools in Dubai, and amazing amenities around, you can live a desirable life that adds value!

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