I’m Adeyeye Ifeoluwa, the founder of LandSprout.Com 

I am glad you found the site and I hope you enjoy all the free content. Before you dig too deep into the articles and what we have to offer, below is a little about myself and the site.

My aim with the blog is to provide real estate guidance to real estate investors on real estate issues, which are relevant to land investors, rental property owners, wholesalers, flippers, also a free content on how you can make wealth through real estate investment

In the past few years in the real estate industry, the so-called Omo onile (land Grabbers/Owners) and land fraudsters defraud people, and with over million-plus of land cases in court unresolved, I begin to wonder how this Omo onile (land Grabbers/Owners) and land fraudsters keep defrauding people with no solution on the ground, also knowingly that most Nigerians don’t know an iota about buying and making deals in land investment.

I started this blog to help you make decisions rightly and tell you how to make wealth through real estate investment.

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