Are You Planning Your Retirement Now?

If you are 25 years above and you don’t have a land yet you should be worried about your life.

When will you own just a half plot?

With so many real estate companies around advertising a small down payment plan to own a land and you have not even considered paying for one and you are close to 30+ am sorry for you.

I visited one of my friend whose office is close to my house.. seeing me he welcomed me and said I too dey disturb am about land..

A 33 year old Veterinary doctor can’t even boast of half plot is.

I ask him. Do you have a retirement plan my friend?

After this, what will you be doing when you are close to retire from your business?

Will you still be running up and down trying to make more money?

He thought about it and trying to convince me with is plans.

I reply back to him that your present investment now will be your future gain to making your retirement plans successful.

I told him a story about a teacher who had bought an acres of land when he was still in government service way back in 90’s.

The teacher had bought an acres of land, did the land documents and waited for the future.

He said there’s nothing like installment payment plan in the old days. He had to borrow some money to acquire that property then.

Today he travels overseas to see is children.

This is what he had used to sponsor his children who are abroad.

Now, the key note is this..

The best time to buy a land is before development happens. It is cheaper at that time.

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