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Don’t be a Victim to Omo Onile Wahala!

Omo onile – Land Grabbers

I remember way back 2012 to 2013 how land grabbers will sell just one land to over 5 to 10 people.

This is a short write up and I believe it you will gain something from it.

During the time when Arepo, Magboro, Ibafo, and Mowe was selling so hot. The vast development happening with the area was so fast with houses, complexes and little shops coming in then, land grabbers were busy duping people and unknown to the buyers of this lands they know nothing and plans of this so-called na we get land!

It’s so good to hire a well experienced real estate consultant. A real estate consultant will check for loopholes and make sure you don’t fall to being duped by an agent.

One day a man decided to buy a particular land located in a developed area and met with the land grabbers.

The land grabbers, with all their sweet mouth, told the man the land is free from land grabbers troubles, free from the government acquisition, and all that the man needs to know about the particular land he intended buying.

The man remembered a particular real estate friend and he contacted him about the land.

The next day this man and is real estate friend scheduled another inspection to visit the same area.

On getting there, immediately the land grabbers spotted the man and the real estate friend they ran away.


Because the man brought someone who is well experienced and will expose them from the shady deals and immediately the real estate friend told him never to try and buy this land because there are serious issues on it.

Please before you pay for any land, it is important you carry out a thorough research on proper documentation and verify the status of the land or property you are interested in buying.

Endeavour to go through the ideal validation of title from the state’s land registry.

Keep yourself safe from being dupe if you are reading this. There’s nothing worse when you have someone to trust in dealing with matters related to land.

Whether is your lawyer, estate surveyor or real estate consultant just contact them and do all the findings for you.

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