How to Avoid Problem Tenants in your Rental Property

How to Avoid Problem Tenants in your Rental Property

As a Landlord, having the right tenants in your rental property is what makes a big difference in your ability to succeed in owning investment rental property.

Now problem tenants in your rental property can definitely exhibit some warning and serious signs, there are some problem tenants in your property who are quite adept at getting past landlords.

As a result of this, it is important to understand that you simply cannot always rely on your first impression of a prospective tenant in order to determine whether they will be responsible and reliable.

In order to avoid tenants which could prove to be difficult, there are some tips you can use to avoid problem tenants in your rental property

A Rental Application Form

The first thing you must do as when you come across a tenant is to have them complete a rental application. The application can be in writing or typed and should provide you with the information you need to make a decision regarding renting the property.

Proof of Identity from the Tenant

Another tips on how to avoid problems in your rental property is always make sure that you obtain proof of identity. This includes seeing a photo identification from any prospective tenants that you interview.

On the rental application you have prospective tenants complete, make sure they write down their driver license information, voter’s identification number and make a copy of the photo ID and be certain that you attach it to the rental application.

Performing Background Check

You will be surprised how important doing a background check of your prospective tenant can save you. But many landlords make the mistake of not performing a background check.

This is a mistake that you cannot afford to make if you want to ensure that you avoid potentially troublesome tenants. Performing a background check gives you the opportunity to determine if there are any previous problems.

For example, if doing a background check on your tenant can let you know if that prospective tenant has a history of being a thief, or skipping on not to pay rent or maybe he’s always having issues with the landlords. etc

References on the Application form

Adding references to the form is essential. A space where by the previous landlord name is mentioned, pastors or Imam.

You doing this is making sure that you do follow up on the previous landlord just in case and this can also add has a background check too.

Not all landlords make a report to the authorities when there is a problem with their tenants, so by checking with the landlord directly you have a better chance of determining if there were any problems and how to tackle the problem.

Ask for character references. Make sure that you take the time to actually check with those references. If the prospective tenant did not give you a valid references this is a good way to find out about it and weed out the tenant.

Code of Conduct

Finally, make sure you include informations regarding your code of conduct with each application or lease. This code of conduct should state areas you feel could be the problem between you and the occupant or tenant, you will need to state that in tenant agreement or an MOU.

The code of conduct should state what is expected of the tenants and have the prospective tenant sign and date the document. By making sure the landlords’ expectations are clearly outlined in the beginning and with these expectation, It can help to avoid problems tenants in your rental property

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