How to Market Real Estate Online in Nigeria

How to market real estate online in Nigeria and the online strategies you need to make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria

I will want you to read this very carefully.

We all know and have seen how the real estate industry has had its risen in recent years and times in Nigeria.

Why? Because Nigerians are now seeing the importance of investing in real estate.

Statistics show that the real estate sector posted 3.85 percent growth in the second quarter of 2021 and in all, the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of real estate services has increased by 10.84% in the first quarter of the year 2022.

Nigerians, both at home and abroad are vastly looking to invest wisely in real estate and your job as a real estate consultant is to connect them to genuine properties they could buy and invest in.

But how can you market real estate online in Nigeria to find Nigerians both home and abroad looking to invest in real estate?

Here is how but before we go into these, there are the necessary things you need.

Firstly, all that I share here are things I know and have practiced and it is still working.

The most client that I’ve bought properties through me I haven’t seen face to face and they are well satisfied in delivering their documents and making sure they are allocated

How to market real estate online in Nigeria and the online strategy you need to make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria

These days people get to search for information online whether it, is Google, YouTube, Facebook ETC. All you need to do is place whatever property you are selling online using tools.

Real estate marketing tools in Nigeria

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Twitter)
  • A website or Blog (Search Engine Optimization)
  • YouTube Channel (Videos)
  • Email Autoresponder
  • WhatsApp
  • Chatbots
  • Property listing sites (Nigeria property center, JiJi, and Locanto, ToLet)

I call these tools because it’s very effective and useful. I will be writing more about these real estate marketing tools in Nigeria in my next blog post.

How to get clients for Real Estate in Nigeria Quickly

To get Clients for your real estate in Nigeria, you need to master the skills of using the tools to market real estate online in Nigeria.

Firstly, as a real estate consultant, your priority is to satisfy your clients whole heartily follow these steps below using the real estate marketing tools mention above.

List your properties on property listing sites.

These property listings are also called real estate marketing platforms in Nigeria whereby you list your genuine houses or land for sale.

Add your pictures and property descriptions with your phone numbers, either WhatsApp.

List of Properties Listing Websites in Nigeria

  • Hutbay.
  • Jiji. NG
  • NigeriaPropertyCenter.Com
  • Private Property.
  • ToLet.NG

There are many more of these but I can only guarantee the list here. Sign up and get a free account and also subscribe to their premium or paid ads services

Create a website or blog and put your properties on your website.

Create a website or blog just like Landsprout, and on a website or blog, you will write optimized articles about the property you are selling also providing detailed information on real estate.

What I mean by optimized articles is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The SEO makes it easy for Nigeria both home and abroad, when they search for some particular keywords on real estate your SEO articles come up.

Create a YouTube channel

Have videos of properties you want to sell and put them on YouTube where you give out video content on real estate investment opportunities for your audience. When people see your video content it brings trust to your image as a real estate agent.

How to sell property fast in Nigeria

To sell property fast in Nigeria you need to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube channels.

You can also run ads on property listing websites

So, run ads constantly on these platforms Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to sell your properties fast in Nigeria

Check out this Course Facebook Ads Implementation Course to run effective real estate ads in Nigeria.

You can also check: The Real Estate Monopoly Marketing on how to sell real estate in Lagos and anywhere

Use your Facebook timeline for organic postings.

Post your properties on Facebook for organic leads and adding hashtags is good. I have been able to get friends and leads from the Facebook timeline. This works especially if you’re a lady having a lot of followers

Wrap Up!

Marketing real estate online in Nigeria requires you to implement all these strategies which will boost your real estate business. But Implementing these strategies requires time and funds and as times go by with you looking to learn you will become the best.

In my next blog post, I will write more on real estate marketing tools.

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