Why you Must Take Possession of Your Land

Why you Must Take Possession of Your Land

How to Take Possession of Your Land

Possession, according to Wikipedia, In law, possession is the control a person intentionally exercises toward a thing. In all cases,

to possess something, a person must have an intention to possess it. A person may be in possession of some property (although possession does not always imply ownership).

I have always emphases about the need for landowners or clients to take possession of your land when you have paid fully and gotten the necessary documents of your plot.

Recently, two issues of encroachment happened till now we are still on the case.

Let me gist you a bit of what happened.

A man had encroached some part of our estate and which actually belongs to another client. And the mistake we did was not fencing some part of the estate and before we know what was going on, land grabbers had sold the entire 4 plots of land to an outsider. This outsider didn’t investigate at all.

How we got to know about the encroachment

The land grabber buyers did a beacon directly on our land and seeing this, we check through the survey we had with us and discovered that land grabbers had sold the land to another buyer who had a beacon installed on this same land which belongs to ours.

How to Take Possession of your Land

Taking possession about your land is not just doing a survey or having the certificate of occupancy which we called the CofO. No!

It’s about putting up a structure, what I mean about a structure here in building or something like a foundation on the land itself.

Structures like fencing or little foundation on the land after that you add a corner piece indicating where your land starts from and where it ends.

Why put up a structure to Take Possession of your Land?

The reason you are putting up a structure like fencing, and foundation to take possession of your land is this, a potential buyer brought to your land won’t be able to purchase your land because that buyer is seeing structures on it already.

which means the land is own by you.

Not putting up a structure on your land will make the seller easily convince the buyer to buy the land indicating to the buyer that the place is free and it has no owner.

This will prompt the potential buyer to buy even without doing due diligence. People don’t even do surveys anymore nor even chart the survey to check if it has a real owner.

I heard there are more cases of land issues in the court and it is more than a criminal case in court.

I warp up my conclusion here. When you buy land quickly take possession else you will be reallocated!

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