How You Can Used Your Vacant Land To Generate Income



Thinking about investing in a vacant lot? Or maybe you already own one and aren’t sure what to do with it? Luckily, there are plenty of business ideas opportunities you can leverage when you have this type of land.

Farm Stand

If you have a piece of land in a decent location, you can set up a roadside farm stand and use the rest of your land to grow or produce food to sell.

Produce Farm

You can also use land to grow produce that you can sell to restaurants or food retailers.



Maybe your vacant land is near a tourist area or just offers some neat views or other features. In this case, you can turn it into a campground and rent space to travelers.


Firewood Business

If your land is stocked with trees, you can use it as a source for timber or firewood to sell. You can also potentially gather wood from other sources and use your land as more of a processing space.


Solar Energy

Similarly, you can set up some solar panels and work with local communities, businesses or energy providers to offer solar power.


Self Storage Facility

You can also use your space to set up some storage units and offer self storage options to local consumers.


Raising Livestock

If you have enough space and the know-how to raise animals like cattle, you can make a business out of the opportunity.


Dairy Farm

You can also raise cows and produce dairy products like milk and cheese.


Goat Rentals

There’s also a unique business opportunity for those who have the space and ability to raise goats. You can rent them out to other land owners as low cost lawn mowing options.


Educational Farm

If you set up a working farm on your property, you can also make it into an educational farm where you welcome school groups or people interested in learning about farming.


Summer Camp

You might also consider setting up a summer camp on your property where kids can take part in outdoor recreational activities.


Sports Fields

Or you can set up sports fields and rent them out to school groups and teams.


Corn Maze

If you want to welcome visitors to your land, you can also set up a business like a corn maze for which you can charge admission.


Petting Zoo

You can also welcome a variety of animals to your land and set up a petting zoo that people can pay to visit.


Golf Course

It can be a process to set up, but if you have enough space you can create your own golf course on a plot of vacant land.


Concert Venue

Or you can set up a stage and offer your space as a concert venue to musicians and event promoters.


Event Rentals

Similarly, you can rent out the space for events like weddings or corporate retreats.


Landscape Supply Storage

Landscaping and home supply businesses don’t always have enough space to store all of the items they use or sell regularly. So you could start a storage business that caters specifically to this need.


Training Facility

You can also use your space as a training facility where businesses and their employees can come to learn about things like construction, landscaping or even drone operation.


Plant Nursery

If you want to grow plants on your property, you can construct a greenhouse or simply offer your plants for sale at a roadside plant market.



Beekeeping is another in-demand business that requires a fair amount of space in order to operate safely.


Outdoor Advertising

If your land is near a road or high traffic area, you can construct a billboard or similar type of outdoor advertising structure and use it as a money making opportunity.



Or you can set up a carpentry workshop and use the space to build large pieces of furniture and other structures.


Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are often hosted by cities and community organizations. But if there’s a need in your area, you could set one up on your land and charge a small fee for vendors to participate.


Parking Lot

And if your vacant land is adjacent to some local attractions, you could simply set up a parking lot and charge a fee for people to park there.

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