Investing in Rural Environment where you find Mud Houses

Mud Houses

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I took a client for inspection in one of our estate at Cityview Gardens, Alabata, Ibadan.

On our way he was already complaining about how far the distance is and eventually when we got to Alabata town. At the junction to get to the estate… he queried!

Who’s going to buy land where these Old mud houses with old men and women living inside it?

What are you going to do with them?

I smiled! Sir do you know the history of some places in Lagos. Do you know that as developed as Lagos is? there are Mud houses there before with a reply back to him.

I also told him that as a realtor and what some real estate companies do is buy those mud houses to rebuild or to acquire the place to build top tall building for office or shops.

They buy the mud houses from this old people and build them another house somewhere for them to live.

He couldn’t say anything again after I told him all these facts with further explanations.

This clients immediately subscribe to 2 plots of land within the estate and on our way back in the next few minutes he was in Ojoo and he said to me. I thought this place was far but it wasn’t that far.

I smiled and said because you are going to a new place for the first time will definitely looks far to you.

Now because there are Mud houses around a place you had shown interest in does not mean you shouldn’t buy or invest in with the area. That place wil surely developed and it even an advantage for realtors to buy those mud houses.

We should begin to see issues and problems as solutions and taking a proper action in getting things done.

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