Learn to Invest in Real Estate While Young

Hello there!

Whenever I see young guys desiring to invest in real estate it makes me happy.

Why?! because you are building your life to a greater future

I discussed with friend of mine recently and though being a veterinary doctor to my dogs told him about real estate and as normal thing he wasn’t really interested in buying a land or house.

I asked him, Bro! When did you moved to Lagos?

He replied and I was like when are you planning investing or planning to build your own house? He smiled back at me and reply I don’t know but he wish one day he will do that.

We only wish in doing something but we never do it even when the opportunity is there for us. We all mutters on issues and this issues become an excuse which stops you from achieving your goal

Like I use to say…

There is no Convenient time for any body. You can only create it.

Since he’s young and can afford a land why are you not investing or to just buy one. I told him and he said we can talk later by the ending of the month and when ending of the month came I reminded him and he did a down payment for 2 plots of land as investment.

He said he had to do it after he though about it for a while that he can spend the down payment money in buying rubbish and drinking beer within one week.

But he finally made the right decision and choice.

Are you like my veterinary doctor friend who has the money now and you spend your money on somethings that doesn’t really make sense in achieving something in life?

Why not re-think about it. I can help you plan in whatever budget you have.

If you read this there’s nothing bad sharing with your friends.

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