4 Places to Buy Cheap Land in Nigeria

4 Places to Buy Cheap Land

If you are searching for places to buy cheap land in Nigeria or where You can Buy Cheap Land, then in this article we will be looking at four urban states and places on how much it costs to buy land in Nigeria, how much does an acre of land cost in Nigeria and where can you buy the cheapest land.

Real estate is one of the best ways to wealth for life and if you are looking to start cheap till is turnover increases you need to read the due diligence of what you need to know. Don’t go about looking for some cheap land for sale in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, etc, you might get your fingers burnt seriously.

In this post, we will be looking at the cheapest places to buy land in Nigeria

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Places to Buy Cheap Land in Nigeria

1.      Ibadan

Ibadan is one of the cheapest places to live and buy cheap land in Nigeria. You can buy cheap land as low as N90,000 above. If you are looking to invest in real estate, Ibadan is a great place and city to start easily.

You have noticed that a lot of real estate companies are trooping into Ibadan and this is because of the high development happenings around in the city itself.

Looking to invest easily in real estate? Ibadan is one of the places where you can buy cheap land and resell it for the future. I tell you now that you won’t regret it.

Let’s look at some notable and upcoming places to buy where you can buy land in Ibadan

  1. Egbeda — Badeku: This is a new development area in Ibadan and you can get a plot of land averagely at a price of N350,000 above.
  2. Iseyin – Alabata: This is also a newly developing area in Ibadan. It has a good road network from Ojoo, Moniya down to Iseyin. And one of the attractive things you see here is the new mono train way state situated here.
  3. Akufo – Ido: Another upcoming and sweet place to start cheaply when trying to invest in real estate. Why? Because the present administration has a plan because of the mono train way situated here also and the road leading to Awotan and Apete

2.      Ilorin

Ilorin is a good place to live and very peaceful too. A lot of people who are real estate lovers are grabbing the opportunity to invest in real estate in Ilorin. The land is very cheap in many parts of Ilorin and you can get one as low as N100,000.

A lot of development is happening in Ilorin and also one of the cheapest places to live and grab your honey quickly.

Let’s look at some notable and upcoming places to buy where you can buy land in Ilorin

  1. Ogele: This is just at the suburb area of Ilorin where acres of land go with a price of N70,000 above
  2. Odoore: It is located along the airport road. The land here is well suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

3.      Ogun State

Ogun State is a great place to live and because they share a close boundary with Lagos state, development is sure to spring up fast in Ogun state generally but because of bad roads and some other things properties and land are way cheap here

Ogun state is thriving fast commercially and still boasts cheap properties with good returns if you invest in real estate.

Now, kindly note that as it is one of the places to buy cheap land in Nigeria, it is also known to face serious land grabbing issues in Ogun state. So be well prepared!

Let’s look at some notable and upcoming places to buy cheap land in Ogun state. Mostly let’s look at the state capital, Abeokuta

  1. Odeda: This is one of the Places in Nigeria Where You can Buy Cheap Land as low as N200,000
  2. Owode: Looking to farm and live? In these places, you can get land as low as N200,000 above.
  3. Ibese, Itori, Ewekoro, Wasinmi: You should know these popular places because of Dangote Cement Factory within this area. You can get a plot of land here as low as N200,000 upward.
  4. Obada, Idi-Ori, Adigbe, Abeokuta: Still you can get a plot at N250,000 above but maybe further be inside. And surely these places are well-developed in Abeokuta town
  5. Mowe, Ibafo: I remember how cheap this place was then and I have included them in this article because you can still get a plot as low as N700,000 upward.
  6. Agbado: developed and you still can get land as low as N500,000 upward

Own and Be a Landlord With Just N50,000 Down Payment in Abeokuta

4.      Lagos

And lastly, I am adding Lagos to this list because I want you to know that there are places in Lagos where you can buy cheap land with due diligence.

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Alright, let’s dig in …

  1. Ikorodu: Mostly, people in Lagos don’t like Ikorodu and if you don’t mind buying a piece of land there you can get land as low as N500,000 above. Areas like Igbogbo, Ijede, Imota, Igbolomu, Isanwo, Agbowo
  2. Epe, Lagos: Epe is developing and there have been plans with the Lagos state government concerning Epe. It is a great real estate investment opportunity for you to invest.

Let’s wrap it up here.

Cheap land in some of the places mention here might highly to have increased in price due to development and I will like you to note seriously to investigate every land before you pay.

If you know any other places to buy cheap land in Nigeria you can add them to the list.

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