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How You Can Save Your Land

How you can save your land or How you Can Prevent Losing Your Land to the Unknown

How You Can Save Your Land

This ebook copy is compiled by from well experience sources in the real estate sector and it only serves to help you not to lose your idle land to squatters, land grabbers, and fraudsters out there.

A lawyer once told me that there are more cases of land issues in court than in criminal cases.

Every year, most landowners in Nigeria, especially Lagos, Abeokuta, and some other parts of notable states like Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt lose thousands of acres of land. Legal problems such as scam or fraud documents by land grabbers, lack of estate planning, contract scams, and adverse possession are often causes of land loss.

Apart from fencing your land from squatters and encroachments, there are still legal agreements and deeds to back your land claims. In this book, we will cover some important topics about land loss and how you can be saved from land issues.

There are legal terms that appear in bold throughout each section

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Making Money Investing in Real Estate

Making Money Investing in Real Estate

Making Money Investing in Real Estate: Buy Low, and Sell High, explains every part of the process you need to go through in order to make massive profits investing in real estate.

In this book, you’ll learn about strategies you can use when investing in real estate, the nuances of the complicated sales process, and other points to consider – like real estate law, tax implications, and non-traditional real estate investment options. While being a real estate investor is, at times, stressful, it also can be mentally and financially rewarding.

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