Are you Struggling and Having Troubles in Getting Leads as a Realtor on Facebook?

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Dear Struggling Realtor,

I am Adeyeye Ifeoluwa, a Real Estate Investment Consultant & Digital marketer, blogger, content writer, web designer

If you’re a realtor, real estate agent or consultant, or small business owner then you’ve come to the right place to grow your online presence, generate more leads, and make sales by leveraging the internet & social media.

I have been marketing online for the past 8 years and have generated tens of thousands of leads for businesses he had worked with. I have learned the art of closing real estate deals online without having to take the client for inspection or pick up a phone or talk to anyone ever.... and that's what I am going to help you with

I have worked with some of the top real estate companies, and small business owners.

If you are a real estate agent and business owner who's struggling to generate leads when starting out? …. this will help you.

It is so important that you generate leads to market or reach your target audience who's interested in your product or service.

In any business, marketing is important for you to make money and for you to make money you need to find the right customers (leads)

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