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Real Estate Investment as Your Retirement Plan

Real Estate Investment as Your Retirement Plan

Planning your retirement early is one of the big deals of life and there are many sources and strategies or ways to plan your retirement.

But I will be writing on real estate as one of the sources to look into when planning your retirement.

I want you to picture yourself doing the same thing you have been doing since the day you started that job or work of yours.

At age 65+ you are still working you don’t know how to stop or retire from that job which has taken your time and strength of your youth days or you are waiting for your children to feed you.

They have their own families to feed. You can only get little effort from them.

You can only plan your retirement by investing in real estate, especially on high brow states like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja but maybe some state not mention too.

I tell you the best retirement plan for you is real estate. Real estate is a passive income.

How do I mean?

Let’s take a look at the unknown area within your area for land is selling for N300,000 and you bought the place for that amount, leave it next month that place doubles your N300,000 investment.

Leave it next year again and you discovered that the area has developed… Your N300,000 tripled more again you can sell that land for close to 1m

Another example I will illustrate is if you had invested in buying PLOTs of Land in different areas, you have built complexes, big apartment houses use for rents, warehouses or stores, do you know how much you rake in every month or annually from those rent paid to you.
You make millions.

Open your eyes very well to invest in real estate. I am telling you its the safest investment you can do on planet earth.

I remember then when I traveled to Abuja for a visit to one of my uncle leaving there we both went out together and along the road, I saw or observed many complexes around and I was wondering not many big industries but complex and shops.

Later that evening I made a call to one of my friends who stays and leaves in Abuja very well to make some inquiries of how much a shop or space is in Abuja.

His replied WOW! me. He said a space in Abuja is 1m, the cheapest. So I calculated 1m multiply by 10spaces or shops = N10,000000.

The thing is Abuja is a big place and definitely, people who want to sell one thing or the other or start a business will need space and so they will rent from you.

Think about this. Plan your retirement and you won’t regret taking a bold step to invest in real estate.

Thinking of the safest location to invest? Let’s talk!

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