Real Estate Investment Problems in Buying a Land in Nigeria

Real Estate Investment Problems in Buying a Land in Nigeria

Real estate investment problems or challenges in buying land in Nigeria have made many people lose interest in investing in real estate.

Real estate investment is a highly lucrative and popular form of investment in Nigeria, with many individuals and organizations seeking to invest in the country’s booming real estate market.

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However, buying land in Nigeria can be very challenging and risky, with numerous problems investors need to be aware of.

These problems can range from fraudulent land sellers to multiple claims to land.

This blog post aims to provide a detailed overview of the real estate investment problems people face when buying land in Nigeria, and the strategies that investors can use to overcome these challenges.

With this blog post, you will have a better understanding of the Nigerian real estate market and the potential pitfalls to avoid when investing in land in Nigeria.

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The Nigerian Real Estate Market

The Nigerian real estate market is a thriving sector that plays a crucial role in the country’s economy.

It encompasses all forms of properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. The market is driven by a growing population, urbanization, and the need for increased housing and infrastructure.

In recent years, the Nigerian real estate market has experienced a significant rise of foreign investments, particularly from China and Dubai. This has led to an increase in the development of luxury properties, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings in major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

Despite the growth of the real estate market, there are several challenges and problems that investors face in buying land in Nigeria. These challenges have made it difficult for investors to navigate the market and make sound investment decisions.

Even with these challenges and problems, the Nigerian real estate market presents a wealth of opportunities for investors. The demand for housing and commercial properties is on the rise, and the market offers attractive returns on investment.

With the right knowledge, due diligence, and expert advice, investors can successfully navigate the market and make profitable real estate investments in Nigeria.

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What are the challenges and problems of real estate investment?

There are many factors, challenges, and problems affecting real estate in Nigeria and this blog post gives you what you need to know when buying land in Nigeria

Fraudulent Land Sellers

Fraudulent land sellers are people or organizations who engage in deceitful practices to sell land to potential buyers.

They misrepresent the land’s ownership, location, size, or other important details to convince buyers to purchase the land at inflated prices.

In some cases, fraudulent land sellers may sell land that does not belong to them or sell land that has already been sold to other buyers. These activities are illegal and can result in serious financial losses for buyers who fall victim to these fraudulent schemes.

It is important for investors to conduct thorough research and verify the legitimacy of land sellers before making any real estate investment in Nigeria.

How to Identify Fraudulent Land Sellers?

To identify fraudulent land sellers, buyers should look out for suspicious offers, lack of documentation, pressure tactics, refusal to allow inspections, and lack of transparency.

Strategies to Avoid Fraudulent Land Sellers

To avoid fraudulent land sellers, strategies such as conducting thorough research, verifying land ownership, seeking professional advice, inspecting the land, and using reputable real estate agents can be employed.

Land Grabbing or Land Grabber

Land grabbing is one common Real Estate Investment Problems People Face in buying Land in Nigeria.

Land grabbers, also known as “Omo Onile” in the Yoruba language, are individuals or groups who claim ownership of land without proper documentation. These land grabbers often use force and intimidation to extort money from prospective buyers.

How to Identify Land Grabbers

To identify land grabbers, buyers should be wary of the absence of a valid title, use of violence, unjustifiable low prices, forged documents, and involvement of third parties in the land transaction.

Strategies to Avoid Land Grabbing

The strategies to avoid falling victim to land grabbers, are conducting due diligence, verifying land ownership, obtaining legal advice, avoiding suspiciously low prices, and working with reputable real estate agents can be employed.

Lack of Proper Documentation

Lack of proper documentation refers to the absence, incompleteness, or inaccuracy of legally required records or paperwork necessary for the ownership or transfer of a property, which may lead to disputes, conflicts, or fraudulent activities.

Proper documentation in real estate investment refers to the legal paperwork and records required for the ownership, transfer, or sale of a property.

These documents may include a valid land title or deed, survey plan, building plan approval, tax clearance certificate, and other relevant permits or licenses.

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You having proper documentation is important in real estate investment because it helps you to establish ownership, prevent disputes, and ensure that the property you are paying for is free from legal encumbrances.

So, before you pay for any land or property you should always ensure that all necessary documentation is in place and verified by a legal professional before completing any real estate transaction.


This is another common real estate investment problem people face in buying Land in Nigeria.

There are cases where land buyers purchase a piece of land only to find out later that it is being encroached upon. This can lead to disputes over the boundary lines and land use conflicts.

What are Strategies to Avoid Encroachment?

Strategies to avoid encroachment in real estate investment may include conducting a thorough property survey before purchase, obtaining legal advice, securing property boundaries with fences or other physical barriers, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and being vigilant to any signs of encroachment or unauthorized use of the property.

Multiple Claims to the Land

Multiple claims to a land refer to situations where two or more parties claim ownership or have conflicting interests in the same land. This can arise due to unclear land titles, disputed inheritance, fraud, or other reasons.

With multiple claims of land, this often leads to legal battles, and conflicts, that can take years to resolve. In some cases, the land may end up being sold to different people, leading to further complications.

Multiple claims on land are a serious real estate investment problem people face.

How to Identify Multiple Claims to the Land

Identifying multiple claims to the land can involve conducting a title search, reviewing land records, consulting with legal professionals, and gathering information from local authorities and community members.

Strategies to Overcome Multiple Claims to the Land

Strategies to overcome multiple claims to the land may include obtaining legal advice, conducting negotiations with other parties involved, pursuing legal action to clarify ownership, obtaining title insurance, and ensuring that all paperwork and documentation related to the property is accurate and up-to-date.

Poor Infrastructure

In many parts of Nigeria, there is a lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, water supply, and electricity. This can make it difficult for buyers to develop the land and make it habitable.

Non-Compliance with Government Regulations

In Nigeria, there are regulations that govern the purchase of land. However, some sellers and buyers do not comply with these regulations, leading to legal and financial problems. real estate investment problems are mostly caused by us when we don’t follow government due process. Most land buyers will be looking to do a cheap land surveys for N50,000.

High Cost of Land

The cost of land in Nigeria is often high, especially in urban areas. This can make it difficult for buyers to afford to purchase land, particularly for those with limited financial resources.


In conclusion, real estate investment in Nigeria presents numerous challenges that must be navigated by investors to avoid potential pitfalls. From fraudulent land sellers to a lack of proper documentation and poor infrastructure, it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and work with legal professionals to ensure a successful and profitable investment. By being aware of these challenges and implementing the strategies discussed in this article, investors can mitigate risks and capitalize on the numerous opportunities that the Nigerian real estate market has to offer.

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