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Renting or Owning? 5 Things You Need to Know

In Nigeria, many people believe that having a home of their own is an important part of living the so-called Nigerian Dream. While this is true for many, a wise buyer and aspiring landlord must carefully assess if buying a home or renting one is the better option for them. These choices have both advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to carefully consider which may be best for them. Which is the better option for you—renting or owning a house? In light of this, this post will aim to briefly evaluate, examine, review, and explain 5 major issues and the reasons behind their importance.

Which Is Right for You—Renting or Owning? —5 Considerations

1. Consider your current, personal cash flow:

If you can honestly afford all the things that are required to buy a house. You can go ahead and own one.

But consider these, how would using so much money to pay for the down payment for a house, various closing charges, as well as the customary needs for home improvements, upgrades, and personal adjustments, the costs of relocating (moving costs), etc., affect your level of comfort? Will you take the chance of getting wealthy yet uptight and worn out?

2. Future earnings and affordability:

Another consideration you should look at is how at ease are you with important personal financial planning elements like job stability, earnings, earnings growth, and affordability. Also, how well-prepared are you for all the costs involved in owning a house and maintaining a house?

3. Are you not in Debt?

Before starting any search, or penning to close a house deal to own, carefully analysed your credit report and debit and check if it’s right to own.

If there is, enhance by taking care of any issues that can have a bad impact on your ability to obtain a mortgage in the future, etc. When your credit is better, it frequently becomes a crucial consideration when determining whether or not ownership makes sense for you.

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4. Personal convenience zone

Partners who seem to have comparable needs, objectives, priorities, and financial situations may not necessarily be ready to come to the best, individual decision. One of the most important factors is frequently one’s personal comfort zone and whether owning a property fits into their personal values and perspectives.

5. Renting or Owning?

If you have evaluated, examine, and review these factors, then you should know what best works for you. Don’t put yourself and your family under pressure to own a house. Renting or owning a house, either way, is good.

Wrap up!

There has to be some consideration to owning a house, when it is the right time, you will own one. Also, renting is good. No need to put yourself under pressure. You can as well own a house for investment purposes and rent a house at the same time.

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