The Best Locations to Purchase a Land in Lagos

The Best Locations to Purchase a Land in Lagos

While figuring out which location, spots and places to put your resources into land in Nigeria. The first thing to do is you need to think about two key variables, area and value enthusiasm for the land you are buying.

What precisely makes a decent area?

The Closeness to enhancements, tranquil adjusting territories, neighborhood status, discernment and so forth are central point for private property valuations; while nearness to business sectors, stockrooms, transport centres, expressways, and charge absolved regions, and so on assume a significant job for business properties valuations.

It is imperative to not just think about the current reasonability of an area yet in addition the future suitability.

Well known Spots to Purchase a Land in Lagos

There are a couple of famous spots to purchase land in Lagos and they include:

Lekki, Ibeju Lekki, Magodo, Ikeja, Ogba, Omole, Epe, Gbagada

The most popular places all real estate companies has been talking about to investors is Ibeju Lekki in Lagos.

It’s the quickest creating hub in Nigeria right now with extraordinary milestones (Streamlined commerce Zone, New Air terminal, Dangote Processing plants)

From all the places I mentioned earlier, value appreciation of land or properties from these places makes it even more expensive to live.

I am not saying there’s no land value appreciation in other places in Lagos, it will only take time to develop and there might be no landmark values within the areas.

For example, a land valued at N10m in Lekki in year 2004, would be more valued and worth over N30m today than N1m Land bought somewhere around deep places in Lagos at the same time. Price appreciation is the greatest and quantifiable monetary advantage to property investors.

So In the event that you purchase a property near the Lekki Free Zone Exchange, when all the continuous undertakings there get finished, all the properties around that pivot will fourfold in cost inside a truly brief timeframe.

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