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The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare for It Today.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare for It Today.

This big quote came from Malcolm X and while I had a deep thought over it on exactly what it means I look at it on so many areas to life and especially to real estate.

So I came up with my own meaning —

Those who prepared their future investing in real estate don’t regret it.


Do you know that in year 2001 in Moniya, Ibadan. It was recorded during that time that over 20 house were built and there are resident living in it.

In year 2010 which is 10 years after, over 100 houses has been built and more residence in it.

Development happens every day like an idea made in reality.

There are over millions of people thinking of expanding according to my research i.e while you sit and wait to get or have money to do something, some other smart, intelligent groups or individuals are planning the same thing and they will achieve it by taking risk and action.

Time wait for nobody especially you.

The bible made us to understand that God has commanded us to reproduce, multiply and replenish the earth.

The first thing God gave man was LANDS.

I took a 27 year old man to a site around Epe Lagos for inspection and he muttered saying Bros, this place is far and the development could take years.

I asked him,

Sir, what do you have in mind to do.

He said he just wanted to invest in a developed area whereby the return would have yield some good profit next year’s to come.

I noticed I was talking to a business guy and I told him just this..

Sir, add your current age plus 5 and with all develop plans in place imagine how this place would have been by then.

He smiled back with a response. Ok!

Five or Ten years could look so far to you but how prepared are you for the future when this place turns to a big city.

The Future belongs for those who prepared for it. How prepared are you?!

I want you to also have a deep thought on this post and share with your friends. You never can tell this might help a someone to make a decision for the future.


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