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What is the Standard Land Size in Nigeria?

What is the Standard Land Size in Nigeria?

As a potential buyer wishing to buy a land, build a new house, or buying a house, you must be conversant with the standard plot or land size and measurement in Nigeria.

You must understand the land system measurement in Nigeria especially the states of your interest in buying that particular land or house.

In Nigeria, Land is measured in Hectares, Acres, Meters and Feet. These measurements are affected by factors, which include development pattern, human and environmental factors.

Real Estate Land units and measurement Considerations in Nigeria:


The hectare is an SI accepted metric system unit of an area equal to a square with 100 meter sides, or 10,000 m2, and is primarily used in the measurement of land. There are 100 hectares in one square kilometer. An acre is about 0.405 hectare and one hectare contains about 2.47 acres. A Hectare consists of 15 plots.


An Acre is a standard unit of measurement used by Land sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field. An Acre is a product of any rectangular plot of land giving a total of 4,046sqm or 43,560sq ft. An acre consists of 6 plots each measuring 60 x 120ft.

One Acre is roughly 40% of a hectare. The acre is commonly used in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, India, Ghana, Liberia, and others.


What is a Standard Plot Size in Nigeria?

A plot is a marked out piece of Land in Hectares by the developer or government which is used for the purpose of building or farming.

In Nigeria’s land division, 50 x 100ft is the appropriate size for a plot of land suitable for a house building or construction which can accommodate a standard house with a small compound.

A Standard Plot or and Size in Nigeria like In Lagos State, for instance, the standard size of a plot is 60ft x 120ft (18m x 36m i.e. 648sqm), while in some other cities of the country, plots are measured in 50ft x 100ft.

Plot varies and depends on the state where one is buying a land. However, there is a measurement that is considered the standard in all the states. As I discussed earlier that Lagos, for instance, the standard measurement of a plot of land is 36 meters by 18 meters (120 feet by 60 feet), which amounts to 648 square meters.

In other States in Nigeria like Rivers, Edo and Oyo, the size of a plot is 30 meters by 15 meters (100 feet by 50 feet), that is 450 square meters.

In Ogun State and the Federal Capital Territory, plots of land are also cut into 30 meters by 15 meters.  A Plot of land irrespective of the size of the plot, it is expected that they are big enough to accommodate any residential development being proposed on them.

Some plots may not be in rectangles but it is crucial to take the surface area of the plot. Either you do your measurements from the map of the area physically or you get the actual dimensions from the plan, always make sure the values are same with what the seller offers you. It is advised to measure the land as against to taking the face value from the seller.

So when buying land, visit the place, take a tape measure and determine the surface area of Square meters then divide by 10,000 to know whether what is indicated on the title deed/Certificate of the lease is correct

Corner Piece

Corner Piece is another features used in land measurement. This is a plot of land located at road intersection and bordered by, at least two access roads; and because of the 6 meter-setback for roads, 3 meters is normally added to the sides close to the roads, hence, instead of the regular 36 meters by 18 meters, the size can increase to 39 meters by 21 meters or 36 meters by 21 meters.

Corner piece plots are relatively more than ordinary plots, not only because of being larger in size, but they are considered very valuable for commercial developments; and where they are used for residential developments, the premises are much more extensive than regular plots.


There you go so in case you found yourself in land transactions you can use what you learn here to do your transaction and again you should always make it top priority to ask the land vendor what the size of the plot for sale is in Square Meters before proceeding with any transaction.

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