What is Land Excision: Understand what Excision Means?

What is Land Excision: Understand what excision means?

A portion of land is said to be excised if such has been legally released, through a government gazette, to indigenous settlers.

Under the administration of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, he felt it’s nonsensical to pay people for land since the government is working in the best interest of these people so the Land use act of 1979 stipulates was enact.

The land use act state that every portion of land belongs to the government and that is why it is mandatory to register usage with the appropriate level of govt.

The act was only enacted to help document all land with the state government.

Now, with the act which states that all governments own the land and that the government can’t possibly use all parcels of land in the state or country, the government felt it would be good to give out unused lands back to the people. And one of the ways created, to collect a piece of land from the government, is known as Excision.

Excision simply means a land free from government acquisition thus other documents like survey or C of O could be easily processed on such land.

What is Land Excision?

By law in Nigeria, lands are under the control of the State’s governors. However, historically before the introduction of the Land Use Act of 1978, lands in Nigeria were mostly under the control of communities and traditional families.

Now Land can be classified into 2.

1. Free land — free lands are those the government doesn’t have an interest in.

The government allows entities [people, groups of people, organizations, etc] to use free lands. But to use free land, you’d need to process the papers till you get a title called C of O.

2. Acquired land — Acquired lands are those lands the government has an interest in.

Acquired lands are further classified into two: Committed acquisition and General/Global acquisition.

Committed acquisition refers to acquired lands the government has decided to use for something.

Global acquisition refers to those acquired lands the government doesn’t need for anything, at the moment, even though it has an interest in them. You can find these types of land in the Ibeju Lekki Axis.

Are all Land Excise by the Government?

Not all lands are being excised. But The only type of land that can be excised is the type called “Global acquisition which is further explained earlier.

It is also important to state that whenever land is excised, the excision is recorded in a book called Gazette. In other words, you may come across people who use “Gazetted Land” to refer to an excised land.

On a note, Gazette is not a title!

How do I Identify an Excision Land?

Get a surveyor to get a coordinate of the portion of any land located within the axis for proper analysis & findings before buying that land.

You Need to Know

That the opposite of excision is acquisition. When you hear the word, Government acquisition means land is not free. An acquisition could be highly committed: (no go area) Agric acquisition: For Agric purpose only and subject to govt approval, Acquisition subject to governor’s consent: ratification.

Know This important Info:

Most Portion of land in Ibeju Lekki Axis Are Under Committed Acquisition Unless it is Specifically Excised through a Lagos State Government Gazette

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