What You Need to Know About Land Survey Document

What You Need to Know About Land Survey Document

In today’s post, you will know about the land survey document and how important you need to do a survey, types of land survey plan, cost of survey plan in Nigeria.

In a simple term or meaning, a Survey plan is a way to protect your land and document your precious asset (Real estate) in your name, and this can only be achieved through the proper surveying of your property and documentation of the survey plan.

The land survey plan is used by the government to identify you as the legal owner of the land as the most primary document showing land ownership concerning other documents.

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What is a Survey Plan Document?

In real estate transactions, a land survey is one of the documents and real estate investors, or let’s say every land and property must-have. If you don’t have survey means your land is not well registered.

A survey plan is used to show the location and size of the landed property. With the descriptions and coordinates on the survey document, it is easier to check or search from the office of the Surveyor-General whether the land is actually under any government acquisition or not.

When it comes to the issue of a land survey I can categorically tell you that over 40% of land or properties in a particular state are well survey registered.

Many people don’t understand the difference between survey plans, and once you can’t identify and ask what type of survey you need to be done on your land, a provisional survey which is cheap will be done on your land.

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Types of Land Survey Document in Nigeria

There are two types of survey plans I know of.

  1. Provisional Survey and
  2. Registered Survey

Provisional Survey Plan

The provisional survey plan is not a legal document. It is only used in place of survey of a particular boundary and can be used to create a building plan. The provisional survey contains the size of the land, boundary, and coordinates.

Registered Survey Plan

This is a legal document. A survey carried out by a Registered Surveyor which is lodged in the Cadastral Records department of the Office of the Surveyor-General of the State is considered a Registered Survey. The register survey contains, Starting Point, UTM Zone, Land Area, Beacon Location and Identification Number, Land Boundaries Distance and Coordinates, Landmarks, Surveyor’s Name, and Signature, Survey Plan No. and Registration of Survey Plan with Government

How Much Is Survey Plan in Nigeria?

Most people who feel they know more about survey or knows land survey feels the cost of doing land survey comes cheap. While cost differs from states and plot sizes, we will be looking at cost of survey price in Nigeria which differs with sizes of the land, and also different states within Nigeria which has a different price set on doing land survey

Importance’s of a Survey plan:

  1. A survey plan is used to identify the owner of land or property
  2. A survey plan is attached to title documents for any official registration.
  3. A survey plan is attached to a deed of assignment also in the processing of certificate of occupancy.
  4. Depending on Loan requirement in some agency, a survey plan can be tendered as a requirement for a loan

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  1. Please, I’m about to buy a land and he says he has on no survey as he got it from his family. Must there be a family survey plan?

    • Well, I will advise you get a surveyor to pick coordinates and chart it to be sure if the land belongs to the family. Do due diligence before you pay!


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