Why is Real Estate Investment necessary?


Real estate investment comes with a sense of assurance because the price does not tend to fluctuate.

Real Estate investment serves as a source of income for an individual. Nigeria economy requires that one should have more than one source of income in order to meet the financial pressure. Real estate provides a steady flow of income for the owner.

Real Estate provide steady cash flow

When you buy or build a house and rent it out to tenants, that property starts to earn you rental income (monthly or yearly depending on the contract with the tenant).

With the high demand for accommodation and growing inflation, rent prices are always on the rise. Higher rent prices mean more income for you, the landlord.

Compared to other investment options, the income from real estate is the steadiest.

For instance, the amount of dividends paid by many companies often fluctuates and may not be paid every year.

Bank savings (another form of investment) usually attract interest payments that may be steady but are often very small compared to the returns you can get from investing in real estate.

Because the income from real estate investment is steady and predictable, you can plan better. Rental income is also great for people who are planning for retirement.

Yes! For retirement

I remember a particular time when I had a problem with my car. My young mechanic in his early twenties who I had been disturbing to invest has been refusing to listen to me because he felt that he doesn’t need a land for now even thought he felt it’s good to own land.

One day we were together in his work shop and outside is workshop we both sighted a very Old man pushing a wheel barrow with junks of loads on it and planks of wood. My mechanic immediately express is displeasure in seeing the old man struggled pushing the wheel.

I told him, you see, this man is old and working effortlessly doing a job that will hardly make him survive he should be resting at home with his family or anything here he is struggling to survive and feed.

If he had planned is life in investing in real estate he will be doing better by now.

Real estate investment comes with a sense of assurance because the price does not tend to fluctuate it will always increase and appreciate by development every year.

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