Why You Should Never Joke With Land Offers

Why You Should Never Joke With Land Offers

I was with a man today with my boss on our way to Lagos from Abeokuta.

And passing through Owode-Egba axiz, he beckoned to our attention about how he was offered an acre of land for 450k in Owode few years ago.

We asked him why he did not take up the offer and his reply was this….

“I told them they were thieves and wanted to cheat me” thinking its not a good offer.

I just smile and right there we told him it was a good offer.

His regret today is someone’s gain.

Don’t play with a good offer especially with land like acres, hectares. If confused, consult a real estate consultant to help you with negotiation.

Stay with me now.

With an acre you get 6 plots of land from one acre.

So a N450k deal 3 years ago with good document or title document is surely a good investment in 2018 to 2019.

So let’s assume you decided to sell it by plot from an acre with a size plot of 540sqmr, for 450k, multiply it by six will give you 2.7m.

Now 2.7m minus 450k equals N2.250,000 million which is your ROI.

Five years to 2018 is million.

Based on the mathematical example I explained earlier is based on assumptions. Because as at now which is 2019, a plot of land there is between 750k to 1m per plot.

You can do the calculation yourself using the sample above.

Don’t joke with land offers especially when its acres or hectares of land. That is your way to being a Billionaire.

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