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Real Estate Guest Post Guidelines and Submissions

Will you be the next author of a real estate guest post we publish on Land Sprout? As real estate is a complex and often misunderstood topic in personal finance and investing, we want your help!

All guest authors are rewarded with a byline for an article that we publish. (For example, this is a “guest post by…” or this is a “guest post from…”)

Land Sprout is looking for guest posts on the topic of:

  1. Real estate as an investment– Guest posts about real estate as an investment is given priority. Consider topics like taxes, financing (mortgages and commercial mortgages), investment returns, and the market and economic outlook for real estate as an asset class.
  2. Buying, selling, and financing real estate as an individual– We are also seeking guest posts that center around real estate as a personal finance topic. In particular, we’d like posts that focus on buying, selling, and listing real estate as an individual. Also, posts on mortgages, and the market outlook for residential property and commercial property which are very popular – and very much in demand!
  3. Real Estate Marketing – Guest posts on real estate marketing, tips, advice, and so on.

Only well-written posts for an English (US, Canada, or the UK) audience will be accepted.

Submit a Real Estate Guest Post

If you would like to submit a guest post, please fill out the contact form or email me at We also accept other guest posts on real estate marketing, so don’t be shy.

We’ll respond to any submission within 24 hours.

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