You Need to be Intentional to Achieve Something in Life

I want to share a quick short story with you today a lot of people are guilty of this same thing even me some time do it but I had to seriously work on it.

 In March of 2017, a very close neighbor reached out to me seeking help to buy a land and also invest in real estate and after sharing some thoughts and where to invest, he fled, I didn’t get to hear from him again.

‘I did what I usually don’t do, I asked him what happened and why haven’t I hear from him since we last discussed  and he replied and said what a lot of people always say…

Even before saying it I knew what he’s going to say

‘I really want to pay for this land and invest too also I’m dead serious about it. The problem is that I don’t have the money yet and the time isn’t just right’.

See! A lot of people say this all the time. You need to be Intentional to achieve something in Life.  Fact in life is there’s No time. The common saying is time wait for nobody.

My friend, Muyiwa got married on a particular day and many people said, he didn’t fix the wedding on a ‘perfect’ day but these same people later attended the wedding on that same ‘imperfect’ day.

The fact is there’s never ever going to be the ‘right time’ in life. You only make the most out of the time now.

Anyway, 8 Months later, this neighbor decided to call me and said he’s ready; he made the ‘BOLD’ decision because things got worse. He fears that he might never had the chance again.

Within one week, I was able to get him a plot in a developed area but this time he bought it more expensive than the price way back eight months that I didn’t see him.

He was like…. ‘Only if I knew, I would have signed up long, long ago’.

If you are reading this, there’s never going to be enough of anything. There’s no ‘good’ time. If you want to do anything, you need to be Intentional to achieve something in Life. Do it NOW!

The more you wait, the more expensive it gets for you. Thinking of investments? Do it now!

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